Gromit Unleashed 2 – Oceans 1 & 2

Director Benjamin Winstone & UoB student Zoe Andrews stand by their creations.

We recently had the pleasure of collaborating with the University of Bristol to design and create not one, but two of the new Aardman Gromit Unleashed sculptures for the Grande Appeal. Briefed with the challenge to demonstrate technology being developed by the Communications Systems and Networks group, we tasked ourselves to find a way to make Gromit interactive hi-tech. Our idea was to play with Gromit’s adventurous nature and transform him into a submarine. Taking advantage of a periscope with a hidden camera, and screen in the hull we could create a video communication link between two similar Gromits.

With the support of some of the university’s best students, Zoe, Dario, Ben and Greg, we cut, drills, sanded, fibreglassed and painted our way to a brand new Gromit sculpture, twice!

All credit for the amazing painting has to go to the students, in particular Zoe who lead the group with her deep sea ideas. In particular, we really like the octopus and top hat she painted on Ocean 1 : Deep Blue;


We are really proud of how the Gromits turned out. You can find them in two locations in Bristol, M Shed, and We the Curious.

For further information on all involved: