The Gentleman Octopus Shambala 2016

This year in the enchanted woodlands of Shambala Festival 2016 we presented our self titled project The Gentleman Octopus. This installation is a giant sound reactive colour changing octopus. Just like nature’s octopus, ours has ‘chromatophores’ that dance to the music whilst the animatronic eye gazes at the audience. Surrounded by light up sound reactive sea creatures… theres a party in the trees to the bass, rhythm and festival laughter.


TGO chromatophores

2016 is the fourth year we have exhibited an installation at Shambala, and every year we try to push ourselves further. This year was no exception. Behind the scenes we have more kit, bigger power supplies, a lot more LEDs and some really special sound reactive algorithms.

The octopus displays a number of different animations through the chromatophores. Each animation samples the environmental sounds looking for bass and rhythm. Animations speed up, change colour or change shape. At the same time the surrounding sea creatures light up to the beat of the music and the animatronic eye gazes around at the onlookers.

Shambala 2016 team